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Artist    Designer    Tutor

I was lucky. I was taught how to craft by my Nana.

And a great teacher at primary school. 

Miss Paige was a keen and talented embroiderer, kind enough to bring in projects just for me.


Now, sitting here stitching, I look back on 30 years as a designer-maker, artist and tutor, privileged to teach internationally and even to have a book,

The Natural World of Needle Felting published by

Jacqui Small.

These wonderful opportunities may not have happened without older women nurturing those early seeds of creativity.

Now it's my turn to help others get started.


I will soon be ready to publish a new range of embroidery patterns and 'how to' videos. Some will be very simple to help you build confidence and some more challenging in terms of time and complexity. But I hope you find them all rewarding.

And of course, I look forward to meeting up again at the shows soon. In the meantime why not try a zoom workshop? Click on the link... 

cow parsley zoom workshop

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